Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have you got GUTS!

I was listening in on a telephone conference call a couple of days back, the speaker, Sandy Grason, was talking about a proposed telephone conference call program she would be having about her ,Sandy by the way is a life coach and best selling author of 'Journalution'.
In the conference call which was a free one, the main one was to be paid for and yours truly could not afford it for now but my day is coming!smiles!she talked briefly on the things she would be sharing:Giving her paid callers the Road map for 2009 to make it a fun filled/fabulous and best year ever!
She mentioned the word Balls while she was talking and gave her own acronym to mean Belief,Authenticity,Loud,Liciousness,Superhero and her explanation for all this is that to achieve your goals in life, you must have BALLS! The belief in your goals,you must be authentic and real with it,you must be loud and live free and be licious, which is to be yourself and finally be a superhero of your own life!
While she was saying this, what came to my mind was the word GUTS! and i decided too to form my own acronym for that word and this is what i came up with
S-Supreme being!
What this simply mean for me is you must have the Gumption, which is the courage,boldness,nerve,determination to live your dream, you must know you are Unique and one of a kind and its only you that will live the dream, the way only you can live it!You must be True to yourself in living your dream and above all believe in a Supreme being, a divine influence or inspiration that will help you make all the difference as you live your dream!I really felt good about this until i saw a book just yesterday called GUTS!, i was astonished, that when i was just thinking of writing on the comes a book to further prove my point, The book is written by a couple Kelvin and Jackie Freiberg and authors of another book called NUTS!GUTS!talks about companies, that blow the doors off Business -as-usual! am still reading it, but i believe its a must read for anyone that is serious about having an uncommon business or company!
I truly believe it takes Guts to achieve the unusual and when you ask those that have achieved any thing tangible in life, they will refer you to what my acronym for Guts stand for and let you know that having Guts made all the difference.So my advice for all my faithful readers is that as we move to the new year, we need Guts for a lot of extraordinary things that will happen for us! So its time to do a reality check and ask yourself...have i got the GUTS to move to the next level.....?
I have the GUTS to do new things in the coming year and i am getting prepared to unleash what is on the inside of me, indeed i have got GUTS to embrace my new level!


Amen said...

Good one bridget. Well written.

Prince Okeoma said...

Compliments of the season!
My pastor once defined COURAGE as faith in action and that is what most of us lack.
We believe, we have faith but need the guts to act out our faith with boldnes and courage.