Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Fact and The Truth!

In defining "Fact", the Compact Oxford English dictionary defines it as "a thing that is indisputably the case" and defines Truth as the quality or state of being true, or "the truth", as "that which is true as opposed to false!. in defining both terms, its right to say that the fact is a description of the present state of a thing while the truth is on the inside of that thing i.e, if we see a young lady disguised as an old woman...the fact is, she will be called an old woman but the truth remains that she is a young girl disguised as an old woman!So people may see you now as a nobody, which may be a fact but the truth is you are Somebody with greatness on the inside of you.All that people know about you now is the fact but the truth about you is coming soon!

In every girl is a great woman and in every boy is a great man!but what are you seeing?...are you seeing the fact or the truth of your life?The fact may look real but the TRUTH remains the TRUTH!you may see yourself small but on the inside, you can do anything and you are wired by God to be great.Here are some examples of people that others saw the fact of their lives but the truth came out to reveal otherwise!

1. Sir Richard Branson-A man that had poor academic record because he was dyslexic and was seen to be a school dropout is today the chairman of Virgin group with over 300 companies worldwide.

2.Oprah Winfrey-A woman that was molested/ abused as a child , who later became an unknown radio person and a reporter/anchor for a tv station, is now, one of the most influential woman in America and also one of the richest in the entertaiment industry

3.Whoopi Goldberg-A dyslexic is today a well known American actress,talkshow co-host, singer, comedian and has several awards to show for her acting prowess

4. The late Arch-Bishop Benson Idahosa who i can credit with being the father of modern day pentacostalism in Nigeria, was a man that started out sickly, was thrown to die in a refuse dump and later survived to be an Evangelist that travelled round the world preaching to all Nations of the world about Jesus Christ. He died as an institution having impacted his community by building schools, hospitals and churches which today are stll standing as testimonies of this great man.

5. President-elect Barack Obama of America, a relatively unknown Senator, with a very interesting ancestry, who is today the first black President to be!

What is common with the people i gave as examples was that the odd was against them, the fact was, they were nobodies as a result of their background but the truth is, they had all they turned out to be on the inside of them! Do not look at the fact...see the truth!
People saw Moses in the bible as a killer, a fact, but God saw him as a leader,the truth!Men saw David as a Shepherd boy, the fact, but God saw him as a King! the truth! So i encourage you today..... to ignore the fact and see the truth!


Amen said...

bridget, that was very inspirational. the question now is, why do we often concentrate on facts and not the truth? why is it so hard for us to believe the truth that is on the inside of us?I honestly think it is because we have forgotten that man is first a spirit being and not just flesh and bones. so we tend to respond first to our physical being, what we see, what we hear, how we feel and so on. before that facts about our lives can fully align itself with the truth concerning our lives we have to find out who we are as spirit biengs, by connecting to the one who made us from whom we came and unto whom we must all return. The only true and wise God , the God of isreal,Jehovah is His name.

yemichris said...

Bridget, yo are a wonderful writer, i came across your blog from deolu's website, i will like to be your friend and probably collabo with you on few things, ur profile says you are into event management as well, check my blog and mail me back THANKS

campusxcellencemag said...

Nice thot, bridget keep it up

deoluakinyemi said...

Wow... this is refreshing. The facts on ground are subject to the truth within.

I'm excited that you have started, may the grace to continue and grow to be like a huge tree that will provide resource, and shelter for many.

Prince Okeoma said...

Nice one!
the facts often speak of our condition (or situation) while the truth relate to our real position in HIM.
i was with a wealthy guy sometime who called a friend of his and borrowed five thousand naira from him in my presence.
I was surprised then until i understood the diference bw our condition and our position.
i have posted some stuffs on fact and truth on my blog sometime.

SOS said...

What an excellent exegesis!
Another definition has it that fact is "an objective consensus on a fundamental reality that has been agreed upon by a substantial number of people." In other words, fact is a form of honest observation, not necessary the most adequate perspective.
Truth was however defined as "that which come from God." I suppose God's report constitute the most important we must believe and accept, irrespective of what "substantial number of people" say or think.

Maria said...

Bridget! I really needed to read this today. I have been struggling with some issues lately and this was really an inspiration. Thanks and fantastic Job!!

It is Well! said...

The fact is that there are too many upheavals back home in Nigeria, enough to discourage talent, but the truth is that Nigeria is blessed and God sees us as champions. Bridget, this is very inspirational. Lekan