Sunday, December 14, 2008

Everybody needs a Friend!

I got this title from my daughters Barney Dvd...Barney is a friendly purple dinosaur, that is in the imagination of everychild that watches the Dvd, he teaches the children life values with a lot of songs and laughter, my younger daughter is so addicted to watching Barney that she calls him her Barney and the other dinosaur, Baby BOP, her baby Bop!lol
I was recently listening as she was watching and i heard them singing Everybody needs a friend...the other lyrics i do not know!laughs, but indeed we all need a friend...someone we can all call our own, be free with, laugh with and share our burdens and heart cries with!

I tell people that am made for Relationship as i have managed to keep most of my friends through the years, some we dont even see for years and when we meet, we start from where we stopped as if we have never been apart, some of my friends have been with me for ages!lol, and they have seen me through bad times and good times, i have a strong circle of friends that keep it real with me / keep me grounded and i believe i do same for them.
I am really blessed with true friends,old and young...some of my friends are far older than i my mum!lol...she truly is one dear friend, we talk and pray about sure i have the love for retaining friends because i saw my mum do same...sacrificing for others and she has a genuine love for people!I once told someone that i dont know how to maltreat people and not give them food as i never in my life while staying at home ever see my mum mete out punishments to me, my siblings,relatives, househelps by not giving us food!even when she spanks us and we refuse to eat and she gets to know...boy!we will get another spanking for not eating!lol
The truth is we all need friends and accountability partners...people we can open up to and know we are safe and they can also open up to us and know they are safe.People that are happy to see us make progress, that are there to listen to our tales, to cry with us if need be and to gently lead us to true path of fulfillment!
I tell people that honestly..i have never had a bad friend because i believe that friends truly come into your life for a reason and for a season, some have been in my life forever!some a couple of years, some just recently but are like my forever friends and am still building the circle of friendship...i have some that are my friends..we talk and thats all, some are business partners ...but yet are solid friends but on the business side, some are my tonic and prayer partners..they truly keep me going and grounded,some are the reason why i pray and will be in my life forever till eternity!Tunde, The girls and my great boy,my parents,siblings,inloves,and all my prayer partners-you know yourselves!lol(Now i believe i am a politician)LOL
This season of festivity/holiday...i ponder to think of so many friends that have been in my life and seen me through it all and i bless God,first, for Jesus who is the best friend anyone can ever ask for and all my friends that have been there for me...if i start calling or writing names, i wont end this post!But sincerely, i truly love and appreciate all of you that i call my friends and i look forward to greater things ahead...more goodtimes...tough times that wont last as our affliction is only for a moment! ...days of celebration and so many other things worth doing!

PS-i just learnt a friend of mine died a couple of days back, she has been dead for almost a year now...She died January this friend that told me said she tried calling me to let me know but as its typical of me, i was away in one of my "trips' again and got back in February, after she had been buried and i just heard in December of her death, she was a sweet friend, ever smiling, ever laughing at my talks...Jumai Micheal(Nee Alaga),when she first told me then,that she got a job with the S.S, i told her that "now i have a friend in the S.S, anyone that looks for my trouble is in TROUBLE!When she wanted to get married, she came visiting with her fiancee then, the last time i saw her was when she had her baby , i waited in the hospital that day until she was discharged and we all went home together, Jumai, I will miss you, i long to see you smile and laugh with me again but God knows best!am grateful i had those moments with you...i trust you are resting in the bosom of the Lord, i bless God for your husband Micheal and daughter Isabel!Till we meet again dear friend, sleep on!
Please appreciate the people that you call friends in your life this season whether they are your parents,siblings,cousins,etc, try to call them from time to time!Stay connected and stay intouch!Thanks again for being my friend and calling me your friend!


Amen said...

Thanks for being a freind.

Total Consulting Inc said...

Hey Sis,
This is another amazing one,
we all do need a friend
like u said,a friend should be there for u when u need them.Also they are those that can vouch for ur character even if u haven't seen each other for ages.
A true friend is really hard to find,but once u find one,you are blessed .
Keep up the good work