Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Yes, its time to look back from where you are coming from and celebrate the little progress, you will call it that you have made, look back at the past months and see if my call for celebration is not necessary!I know the year has been tough!rough!challenging!bad!call it whatever you may, that you are reading this article is a call for celebration meaning you can see and you can read..two facts worth celebrating as there are many blind people around and so many people that are uneducated and can not read all over the world.Look at yourself and thank God that you are where you are today as the situation you are in now could have been worse!so forget about what you see as not worth celebrating and celebrate where you are now!
I was chatting with a friend of mine recently and i told her, i want to start celebrating every little progress i make and i will start celebrating my family too when they make progress, because as you celebrate one win, more will come, its just like showing gratitude, when you are grateful for little, more will come, so the person you are saying thank you to will get more thanks!
So please, if you have not had cause to celebrate where you are now because you think, things have not worked the way you planned...then go to the hospitals,prisons,streets and see where others are, maybe this will give you a reason to celebrate and be happy!
Celebrate yourself today, celebrate the fact that you are you!The truth that God loves you, that your mother did not abort you and above all that you are alive to show forth God's praise!Happy celebrations!

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ose said...

Well done Bridget! I am truly motivated and blessed by ur writing. keep up d goodwork!