Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bridget's Muse debut!

This will be my my thoughts on any news i consider worth sharing, it may be everyday, everyweek and as i hear and see things!Not GOSSIPY stuff but no harm in a little good gossip here and there!she laughs!
My muse for today is Rick Warren, the author of a purpose driven life , the pastor of Saddleback church in Lake forest California being asked by President Elect of America, Barack Obama to give the invocation during his inauguration in January 2009. What this means is, Pastor Rick Warren will be preaching to millions on that day!

As its typical of America and their unique democracy and freedom of speech, gays and abortion supporters are against the President Elect's choice as Pastor Rick is anti-gay marriage and abortion and he speaks about it, he was a leading part of those against gay marriage being legalised in California.
Pastor Rick Warren in August before the America Presidential election in November, had a forum where the two aspirants came for a question and answer session to tell Americans their stands on different issues,this goes to show his influence as he is regarded as one of the nations preeminent religious leaders.
With this, he has joined the likes of legendary evangelist Billy Graham in being invited to give invocation during the inauguration ceremony of a President(Billy Graham has done this more than once).

My take on this is
1.Barack Obama is a unique and uncommon leader as by inviting him, he has shown that its not about being in agreement on issues but about engaging the right minds despite their views and opinions.
2.America operates a system where people are celebrated for what they are despite what they represent
3.That a Christian leader is being invited, shows that indeed in God they trust!
4.Your gift will make room for you indeed! Pastor Rick Warren's gift and stands is what has made room for him now before Presidents,Kings and people of Influence!
My prayer is that God will help him speak His mind on that day and glorify the name of God while bringing healing and unity to the American people.

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Amen said...

My take on this; no matter what you do , you can't please everybody.