Monday, December 29, 2008

2008-My year in Review!

As i reflect on the year 2008 that ended 6days ago, i tell myself that despite the challenges of the year 2008, the year 2008 marked a turning point in my life and has indeed been for me and my family a year of 'anything can happen" 'a year of new beginning' and a year of moving from glory to glory!This is my year in review from January to December and the high points of each month of the year 2008:

JANUARY-Had a reunion with my sister and cousin with her family, i had not seen my sister in over two years, and my cousin plus her family i had not seen over 6 years, It was a great time exploring Trinidad and Tobago,we went on a boat cruise from Trinidad to Tobago and also visited the famous Nylon pool- a pool that is located in the center of the ocean!God is awesome!Tried snokerling!As my husband will say, I can be daring!Laughs!It took GUTS!
Had a six day stop in london, and you know what that means with boxes and two toddlers but i survived and had the amazing time with my Cousins and their families.

FEBRUARY-Back to base!I missed Nigeria!It was back to no light, heat and noise!But despite this it was good to be home...indeed there is no place like home, had time to think as i was temporarily out of work, so i had time to just laze around...nice but got restlessless and took a parnership job with one of the most amazing friend and sister ever....I got a family,a big sister and confidante with this partnership!Funny also, my holiday turned out to also be a time of adding another family member, though i planned to get pregnant this year but i did not plan for it to be so early!Anyways...I had this position of siddon and look!Laughs!My sister-in-love had a baby boy!Joshua was obviously waiting for me to come from my trip before he showed up!

MARCH-It was another Birthday month, as usual, it was time to reflect on things i had done the past year and what i needed to do to make my next one year colorful, got this amazing call from my younger brother who also shares my birth month and celebrates his birthday a day after mine....i wonder how my mum did it, that four of us in the house were born in the month of March!He called me and said he was calling on behalf of the student body of the university i attended to wish me a happy birthday!I was so surprised and then he said his name!I could not help my laughter and i also could not help calling him a clown/comedian.I ended up with my husband to get one of my favorite meals in the world...A chinese dinner!
This was also the month, my partner and i went about looking for business...we had to let people and their companies know we were around and ready to work...Indeed, we must not forget the days of little beginnings!Another sister-In-love had a baby girl!

APRIL-My first daughter's birthday, she was four, so i had to do all the class gifts and cake stuff, thanks to aunty Mary, it was piece of cake!I am loving being a partner at work as i have time to be a mother and a worker,Funny enough, the new addition to the family was making his/her presence known...i normally dont get all the morning sickness and works associated with pregnancy but this time, i was feeling very tired, cranky and nasty!Apologies to those i took my crankiness and nastiness on!laughs!My younger brother had a baby boy, my parents first grandson!He is first son with the first grandson!Amazing!he sure came to carry on the family name!

MAY-We were getting jobs gradually and even got our first major event brief to launch a new product,I also got a personal brief to manage a wedding...I normally do not plan and manage weddings as all i do is Corporate event but the person asking me to manage his wedding was my client, friend and brother and as he said, i was the only one he knew that could follow up on what he wanted!laughs!It was a wonderful time of planning as i also got personal and went on the counselling level which i really loved doing!

JUNE- Had our first product launch,it was not a piece of cake but we got commended finaly despite the challenges of the brief!it was also the month of the wedding, the wedding was in benin, which is my home town before marriage,so everybody in my house including my mum was part of the planning and event management,my dad's ancient and modern Concorde Benz was my mobility!laughs, and you know those cars are stretched like Limos and driving it was like driving a truck!She laughs!my dad must not see this!I was done with all the arrangements, from getting the hostesses to church to making sure the hall was ready and other things in place, i rushed home to take a bath and get dressed for the wedding reception, only to get a call that my mentor, friend,colleague,boss and M.D just passed on!My scream brought my mum running into the room...i still do not know how i survived that day, i remembered him and like he would have said if he was with me...Bridget..the show must go on!I pulled myself together and got someone to drive me to the reception venue, i could not tell anyone as most of the people at the wedding knew him including the groom!i finally managed to tell just one person, who consoled me and stood around to make sure i pulled myself together to manage the wedding!everything turned out really great, even more than my expectations.After the wedding, someone called and informed some of the guests and it became public knowledge that he had passed on!They were all amazed that i could still carry on with the wedding despite the fact that i knew before the reception.I finally let go and cried my eyes out!
We had our fifth year wedding anniversary and also moved to our home of Liberty!(i wanted everything low key as i was not in a celebratory mood, my husband had to convince me on why we should just thank God for his Goodness despite all).
We also had my dad's 60th birthday in Benin, it was fun all the way as i was finally able to let people know that my love for reading was started by my dad as he encouraged me by buying newspapers, which he kept while i was in the boarding house and would read as soon as i get back home for the holiday..sometimes,i had newspapers stacked for three months!I also learnt what it means to treat everyone respectfully whether they are rich or poor from my dad.

JULY-Burial of my mentor, my daughter's Grace Godfather, my boss and M.D for almost five years, i worked in his company before i got married, i was there and had my two children..i learnt so much about being a leader from him, he was a giver, an encourager,a great believer in people and their talent, he was a father with a large heart for everyone!i kept asking God why did He allow him to go so young...i had so many WHYS!There were days i would just sit and cry on my bed and my husband would come and ask if i was crying again because of my M.D, and i would just nod to say yes!the pain i felt was so raw and most times, i would just think, if i am feeling this way then how would his wife, children and family feel?it took some of my friends to get me off God's case, as i felt he did not answer our prayers of healing him!The day he was laid to rest was heart wrenching....we left him there alone and we all walked was hard for me...i was telling my colleague Ada, that this was not how we planned it...i had told him, i will write his biography titled "The Truth of the Matter", which were words he always used to make his points and we would launch the book during his 50th birthday which would have been May 6, this year 2009!Death indeed is so final!i will definately cherish the times we had together as a family in TQA Communications!My prayer will always be with his wife and children!
Had my Second daughter's 2 years birthday celebration!Thanks to aunty Mary again, it was a piece of cake! Learnt of my temporary relocation, everything happened so fast, we were like Isrealites leaving Egypt with Moses!

AUGUST-Relocated and settling down to a new world, my daughters and the Television became my companion!learning to be a full time domestic goddess!My sister had a baby girl.

SEPTEMBER - Had to do all manners of test to get a gynecologist in preparation to welcome our latest addition, did a scan and was told its a boy!Finally the child of promise was coming forth!had him finally on the 26th of September!Joined Facebook and became a chat queen!laughs, thanks to Rev.Martins Atanda, who also help to keep me busy with our lively chat discussions and editing work!

OCTOBER-Had our baby boy's naming ceremony...this in itself was a testimony as the person that came to name him was a special person!i met his wife through my friends as she organises a weekly call-in conference prayer meeting, and when my sister-in-love told us to try and get a Nigerian pastor to help in naming the baby, i asked his wife, if they would do us the honor and they came with their children and the baby was named David Jesufuminiyi Osayande(After my M.D), Benjamin,Ayobamidele,Jesutofunmi,Ashton and Sebastian by his American God parents (Chris Ashton and Sylvia Harts).Strictly following up on the campaign in America, i saw what true democracy was all about.

NOVEMBER- History was made in America-The first ever black American President-Elect that is also an African,a Kenyan!Saw challenges of living abroad first hand!No help except from your husband, it helps to bond the family though and get the men involved in the day to day happenings in the house!

DECEMBER -Started my blog on the 8th of December, it was a big deal!laughs, had a family reunion at Christmas in Calgary Canada,it was indeed a white Christmas!
Had a wonderful birthday celebration for my husband as we all took time to go serve and feed the homeless and needy with our church in Longbeach-R.C.C.G, Maranatha chapel pastored by Pastor Val Anthony-Wise and his lovely wife Bimpe, the Visioner of the group Praying wife on face book.
We also had an amazing cross over service with our Nigerian church Daystar Christian center on the internet, where our Pastor-Rev Sam Adeyemi declared year 2009 as a year of Miracles, Signs,Wonders and Change!and our service in LB, was thrilling with songs from Sister Ade Odiaka who came all the way from Charlotte North Carolina and Sister Remi Okwechime, our church Praise worship leader.Pastor Val declared the year a year of Manifestation, Actualization and Fulfillment!We ended the service by being anointed with oil for the new year and partaking of the Holy communion!What a way to end a most interesting year 2008!

NB-What an epistle of a post!laughs, started writing it since December 28 and finally finished today to post it!Consider this as last year's post!she laughs!I feel i had to do this to move on in the new year 2009!


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Hello Bridget ,

Wow congrats , i can't begin to praise Him enough for you.You finally got your Boy and called him "David " I remembered that story / promise and that was the first question i asked when i heard the good news ," (is his name David ?)
God is showing Himself in the life of your family and i am really happy for you